Sociable Bunny

So, are you a sociable bunny, or do you prefer to work quietly and unobtrusively in the background?

Let me introduce you to my world!

New to the Scene

I’ve been on the Networking scene for a few years now, and I can tell you one thing — I love it! I was absolutely born to network. I think it helps that I am a total ‘people person.’ I love meeting new people, finding out all about them, and most of all getting to know the person behind the business! What was their inspiration? What led them to this path? I am also a huge believer in ‘people buy from people.’

I am more likely to buy the services from Mr Joe Bloggs I met at my recent networking event because he was a nice guy over the chap in the newspaper who has a great advert but I don’t know him from Adam!

Nothing wrong with adverts, by the way, I’m just mentioning the benefits of meeting a person in ‘person!’

Got to Start Somewhere

Having fairly recently branched out on my own, I know that it can be pretty daunting out there with all the ‘competition’ who seem to be well ahead of the game. Nonetheless, I have learned not to be scared of the competition and, in fact, not even view them as such. You know why?

We’re all totally different. We have our own personalities, our own talents, our own skills that make us unique.

We are also at different stages of our business journey, some who are more experienced have given me some free advice which I have taken on board. There are some wonderful people out there who have vast amounts of knowledge in the business world and who are humble enough and willing to share that knowledge and wisdom so we ‘beginners’ can avoid the pitfalls and celebrate the wins!

It has really helped me in knowing what I want to do and where I want to go. That is why I believe that somewhere out there is a person looking for someone just like me for their business — I know it!

Let’s hope in the future (if I’m still around) I can return the favour to other start-ups who need a little help to be on their way in the business world!

Networking Works!

I get stuck right in when it comes to a networking event. I find it helps my nerves a little to just float around the room, striking up conversations with whomever I meet and to just talk — talk about them, asking lots of questions along the way. After all, that is the only way you will learn about them and get to know them! Plus, I’m just really nosey and want to know everything!

What I love most are the various personalities crammed in one room — all there for the same purpose; that is, to get to know other like-minded people, to hopefully get some business thrown their way, and to at least get their business known! I can’t tell you how many people I have met in the last few months, that, if it wasn’t for networking, I wouldn’t have a clue about their business; I wouldn’t know where to start looking for it, or even know if I actually need that service!

I have an ever growing list called my ‘Keep them in mind’ list for when anyone needs a business consultant, travel expert, artist, copywriter, entertainer, beautician, recruitment consultant, health guru…. The list is endless!

Me n Jodie

This is the perfect example of ‘people buy from people’ because this girl with me right here (I’m the one wearing the yellow top by the way!) is Jodie Philpots.

At the time of taking this photo, Jodie was a beautician based in Dudley who I met through 4Networking. She is amazing! I actually wanted to travel all the way to Dudley to get all my beauty treatments from this wonderful woman because of just who she is. She was/is definitely more than just a beautician. She has now gone on to greater things and has her own Accountancy company called Blaze Monroe Associates based in Kinver who provide help to sole traders and SME’s with all their accounting needs. I highly recommend Jodie; she is personable and trustworthy and will give you the advice you need.

My EverClare Journey

I am ever so grateful to a dear friend for introducing me to the networking scene (you know who you are!) From day 1 of my EverClare journey it’s been an absolute whirlwind, starting with my very first meeting with 4N followed by many other meetings up and down the country, like the local ‘tweetups’ arranged by Dave and Jannie or the local FSB meetings, to name a few.

It continues to be a whirlwind, as I have 2 girls, my husband and family to juggle my time with, but I make it work! It is hard work, but also so exciting out there on your own!

I have also discovered other networking events in and around Rhyl and more are popping up every day; so I will be checking more of them out to go and meet more amazing peeps! Maybe I will see you there??

I recently attended the Liverpool Business Fair with my friend Danielle who is a fab photographer and friend. It was a big perk with it being at Liverpool FC in Anfield as we are big Liverpool fans! If you get chance to attend any of these business fairs I would highly recommend it. Not only will it help you gain more confidence to network but you will get chance to listen to some inspiring business people who will give tips and tricks of the trade.

I also love to attend the TBC Marketing Club hosted by the one and only Theresa Carnall once a month. We learn all things marketing — what works, what doesn’t work; and we have a chance to network through the morning too. This is one of my favourite networking events and I love Theresa to bits!

If you are a little nervous to network, or you are considering it for the future, just hold your head high (don’t be too over confident of course!), and believe in yourself, believe in your product, believe you have something amazing to offer!

Most of all, remember this: People buy from people! It’s only when you get to know someone that you will want to buy from them or refer them to others.

I would love to hear your thoughts on networking. Do you love it or hate it? Is your business network growing?

Don’t forget, as a VA I can help you get organised with all those business cards you have collected over the years and put them in a tidy spreadsheet or CRM system for you; so at the touch of a button you will have them to hand! Just give me a call or email me:

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